Total Annihilation Studios

Total Annihilation Studios got its start in a downtown rehearsal space around 1999. At the time, the main recording media was a Yamaha 4-track cassette tape machine and a handful of microphones. As more friends and bands began to ask me to record them I moved up to a 16 track 1” Tascam MS-16 and an Alesis Studio 32 board. The studio has evolved quite a bit since then. I moved into the current location in Lincoln Heights on January 1, 2008. Now the studio centers around a Sony APR-24 2” 24 track and a Studer B67 1/4” 2 track tape machine, a Neotek Elite II console and plenty of outboard gear. The mic selection has grown quite a bit. There are two tracking rooms, the large space that can accommodate quite a number of musicians and the smaller (Punishment Room, a nod to Surrogate Spike Studios and Distorted Pony).

Take a look at the links section for samples of music recorded at Total Annihilation. There are a variety of styles and artists featured there. You can also contact me for music files that artists have allowed me to share as well.

Thanks for visiting,
Eddie Rivas